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Laura Forti: a brief resume

My plays have been published, and widely distributed and performed, in Italy but also in central Europe, most of all in French and German speaking countries. The topics I tend to deal with are urgent issues in our contemporary world: based on my perspective as an Italian, but relevant to a wider audience. Immigrants' role and identity in our society are the subject matter in La Badante and Le Nuvole Tornano a Casa (The Clouds go back home); in Pesach I deal with Jewish identity and the memory of the Shoah in an assimilated Jewish family; Nema Problema is centered around the experience of an Italian young man who finds himself fighting the Serbo- Croatian war; and in Odore di santità I speak about pedophilia in the church, and the abuse which many boys have been subject to in seminary, boys that only sometimes find the courage to speak out and try to breach the persistent wall of indifference and silence that surrounds them.

a brief description of past productions:

In Italy, where I live, I won several playwriting awards (among the others Premio Betti 2001, Premio Enrico Maria Salerno – finalist in 1998, 2003, winner in 2007, Premio Le Storie del Novecento 2003, Premio Castello di Serravalle 2006, Teatro e Shoah...). Many of my plays have been published by the popular theater magazine Sipario. I have a long term collaboration with Teatro due di Parma, that has produced - and has been staging from 2008 (with Nema Problema), up to the 2012/2013 season (witth Blu) many plays of mine, for example

 http://www.teatrodue.org/1145/stagione-20112012-programma/tale-madre-tale- figlia/; http://www.teatrodue.org/1185/ stagione-20112012-programma/odore-di- santita http://www.teatrodue.org/6635/stagione-20122013/blu/ http://www.teatrodue.org/6696/stagione-20122013/nema- problema-4/

In France, Maison Antoine Vitez, an important French center for translation, has supported in 2004 the translation into French of Pesach, that has afterwards been produced by Theatre de la Ville Paris and Maison de Culture Bourges, under the direction of Lukas Hemleb. Pesach was quite a success in 2004 and 2005, in Paris and in a nationwide tour: afterwards I have continued to work in France – another play of mine, Nema Problema, has gone on stage at Theatre National de Strasbourg in 2007, at Comedie Francaise in Paris in 2008 with Gilles David and at theatre l’Epèe de Bois with Raphael Almosni. Terapia Antidolore (Pain Therapy), another play, has been performed in Theatre Manifacture des Abbesses. Tale madre, tale figlia (Mother/daughter) has been performed in Marseille and Avignon as has happened for The Clouds go back home. Three volumes of my plays have been published by French publisher Actes Sud.

In Germany, after the publication of my play Le Nuvole Tornano a Casa (The Clouds Go Back Home) on the popular magazine Theater der Zeit, I started my association with Kaiserverlag management, who has been taking care of the German translation of all my plays. My work has been produced at Theater Lubeck, Schauspielhaus Zurich, Junges Theater Gottingen (The Clouds Go Back Home, 2004- 2005); Theater in Pfalzbau/Ludwigshafen and Theatre National du Luxembourg (Pesach 2005)

Other countries where my plays have been performed include Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Chile.

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